Mamoru’s change-pride since the Tuxedo Hide stuck the fresh passion for Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon once she saw him the very first time

Mamoru’s change-pride since the Tuxedo Hide stuck the fresh passion for Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon once she saw him the very first time

Mamoru’s change-pride since the Tuxedo Hide stuck the fresh passion for Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon once she saw him the very first time

Mamoru Chiba (???, Chiba Mamoru) ‘s the establish-date incarnation from Prince Endymion plus the civilian name off Tuxedo Cover-up (???????, Takishiido Kamen).


Mamoru keeps black locks and you may blue-eyes. The guy constantly wears a black colored turtleneck hidden within his indigo jeans drawn as much as their hips that have a shiny light brown strip, along with an eco-friendly sweater coat and you will black or dark brown loafers.

Tuxedo Mask

Once the Tuxedo Mask, Mamoru wears a proper black tuxedo fit having a black cape and you may a red-colored indoor. He wears a white mask and you will an official enough time hat. The guy in addition to wields a black cane as well as the red rose you to definitely he puts on the his enemies. In Episode 81 on finale away from Sailor Moon R in which he shields Sailor Moon of Black colored Lady’s attack, one another their hat with his mask have been kicked out over inform you their genuine identity.

Mamoru sells the fresh red-rose when he transforms on the Tuxedo Mask just like the told me lower than and you can on ending up in the External Senshi into the Sailor Moonlight S, the guy quickly turns into this form if you find yourself becoming secured in inactive makes getting floated during the solid wind gusts.


Mamoru are a just child along with resided together with his parents up until the day’s their 6th birthday celebration when every around three from her or him is in any sort of accident, eliminating mom and dad, but making Mamoru since sole survivor. not, new experience gave Mamoru retrograde amnesia, making him struggling to think about things regarding the their lives in advance of the vehicle collision.

He performed, although not, usually keeps dreams intensely about an effective strange lady begging him to find one thing known as “Silver Amazingly”. Thinking it Gold Crystal create help your repair his memory, Mamoru do embrace the brand new image “Tuxedo Mask” and you can try to find brand new crystal for themselves.

Sailor Moon

Mamoru earliest starred in episode among the many collection. Immediately following meeting Usagi the very first time, he been contacting the lady “Bunhead,” a moniker he’d telephone call the lady from the each time they met, far so you can Usagi’s annoyance. It absolutely was and additionally including event one which he concerns assist Sailor Moon for the battle as the Tuxedo Mask.

In fact, Tuxedo Cover up are among Usagi’s one or two chief crushes in addition to Motoki. Even in the event Usagi appreciated Tuxedo Mask, she did not initial eg his civil label, since these Mamoru always entitled her from the moniker “Bunhead” you to definitely she hated. At that time, she along with failed to discover which Tuxedo Mask’s secret identity was. Throughout the seasons one, Mamoru briefly sought out that have Rei Hino, whether or not the guy failed to seem given that infatuated with her because she try with him.

Throughout year that, Mamoru was also on his own purpose to determine exactly who the guy actually was. In the evening, he’d desire a strange girl known as the Moon Princess, telling your that might be obvious when he finds out the latest Gold Crystal; he first started selecting it, but coincidently, the fresh Ebony Empire has also been searching for the latest Gold Amazingly. Fundamentally, the guy found that the new Rainbow Deposits manage let your discover the Gold Crystal, and he started initially to collect them. Although not, the guy preferred to save the fresh Rainbow Crystals unlike allow Sailor Senshi have them.

If the fragments reunited and became the brand new Gold Crystal, they restored their memories, plus that from the latest Sailor Senshi. He remembered that he are Prince Endymion of Environment who was simply plus Little princess Comfort.

Tuxedo Hide/Mamoru, immediately following regaining his recollections, try seized of the Ebony Kingdom and you can brainwashed to accomplish the putting in a bid before avoid of the year. He struggled the fresh Sailor Senshi alongside Shitennou, Kunzite (despite the fact that bickered usually), while they carry out appear to endeavor given that Mamoru carry out unconsciously overcome destroying Sailor Moon. He was healed nearby the stop of the season, however, used to be again brainwashed of the Queen Beryl, whom infused your that have Metalia’s opportunity forever. Following Sailor Senshi die attacking this new DD Girls, Sailor Moon fought that have him. Even with getting protected so you’re able to Moonlight Recovery Escalation, as a result of Usagi’s pleading, the guy moved the brand new Orgel, coming back their memory. Yet not, the guy died soon later on protecting Usagi from a strike because of the King Beryl. After Sailor Moon’s final race against Extremely Beryl, the new Sailor Senshi (along with Mamoru) was indeed resurrected but lost the recollections out of incidents in the first year.


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