Leo is even with the capacity of playing with Tontatta Treat, even though their particular level of skill is actually unfamiliar

Leo is even with the capacity of playing with Tontatta Treat, even though their particular level of skill is actually unfamiliar

Leo is even with the capacity of playing with Tontatta Treat, even though their particular level of skill is actually unfamiliar

He can no less than have fun with “Tontatta End Hammer”, a technique sufficiently strong in order to knock down a frequent person towards a floor, as it was seen used against the Doflamingo’s underlings so you can slip to your tower where Sugar is receive. [23]

Dressrosa Arch

On the Green Section, Leo responded to the Marines when they asked if the he had been a person in the newest Straw Hat Pirates, and asked them if they was indeed an excellent guys or crooks. If the Marines responded which they had been the favorable guys, Leo informed these to quit its guns. When the Marines declined, he continued to remove him or her of all the property. [1] When Nico Robin caught Kabu quickly after that, Leo therefore the most other dwarves expose grabbed each other Robin and Usopp by putting them to bed with anesthetic flowers. They then put the fresh pirates on the underground kingdom.

Leo made use of his Devil Fruit capacity to pin Robin towards surface because most other dwarves browse the girl looks along with her wallet. Whenever she woke upwards, the newest dwarves was worried and you will Leo first started interrogating the girl, thinking in the event the she is actually an evil individual. Whenever Robin informed the fresh new dwarves you to definitely she implied zero spoil and would not give people about their existence, Leo without difficulty trusted this lady and got rid of their stitches that have a pleasing look. Whenever Robin attempted to get-off, Leo needed you to she give them a weapon otherwise they’d beat each one of the lady possessions, as well as outfits. Since Robin did not have people firearms together, Leo as well as the almost every other dwarves made an effort to get rid of the lady clothes. However, Flapper averted them and you may informed them not to ever spoil Robin just like the the woman is a buddy of your “hero”, Usoland. [24]

While Usopp and you may Robin was basically with a banquet with the dwarves, Robin observed a sculpture out-of Mont Blanc Noland. Leo up coming told her about how precisely Noland assisted Tontatta Empire inside the for the past. Trusting Usopp to get the descendant out-of Noland and good kid, Leo additionally the most other dwarves consult Usopp to lead her or him in the the fight from the Donquixote Nearest and dearest. [25]

Later, Leo is viewed bidding his grandmother goodbye and you can get yourself ready for his excursion. External, Usopp questioned him as to the reasons new dwarves must battle Doflamingo. Brand new dwarves chuckled, and you can asserted that they definitely wanted to wreck the latest “Dark Facility”, where their 500 loved ones got forced to end up being submissives. Leo advised Usopp on Princess Mansherry who had been rather impolite and self centered, nevertheless they the liked the lady anyhow just like the she is actually a friend. The newest dwarves started initially to leave, stating that he’s got company the lower Corrida Colosseum, where in fact the doll factory resides. [26]

Dressrosa Tale

Whenever preparations was indeed completed, the latest military regarding dwarves marched so you can Dressrosa through an underground passageway towards the bugs and pet that they tamed when you find yourself providing Usopp and you can Robin together. [27] It later attained during the Riku Royal Army Head office invisible underneath Flower Mountain and you can heard Thunder Soldier’s speech on overthrowing Donquixote Doflamingo. [28] He, with the rest of the dwarves introduce, listened as the Gancho explained their earlier in the day background into Donquixote Loved ones in order to Robin, Usopp, and you will Franky, whining at the thought out of their ancestors’ bad luck. Whenever their leader stated King Riku Doldo III, Leo reacted which have great glee. Just after Gancho’s speech regarding stopping Doflamingo from repeated his ancestor’s atrocities, Leo cheered vigorously, in a position to have competition. [29]

After Thunder Soldier told me this new disaster from Dressrosa into around three Straw Caps, Leo announced with the dwarf military your time for race had become specifically immediately following realizing that Doflamingo’s resignation was false news. [30]


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